We are mothers, fathers students we human in general we lead busy life styles we have deadline and targets to meet at out work place we work on very tight schedule if you are here and reading my post you are in the right place because I know the feeling inside when you want to work-out and you are tired, Jump in lets take it easy !

With such a busy life, why would I need warm up before workout?

Yes we have asked out selves this questions multiply times and we at some point we really skipped it all together and went straight to work out

Like Seriously Elihle tell me I have been at work from 8 am to 5pm walking up and down is it not enough go get me warmed up ? well the answers is no and Yes -Yes you were active involving your body in multiple tasks during the day at work at school wherever you were applying yourself but No its not enough!

What can 5 minute warm benefit you whole exercise performance ?

We will slowly set out mind for the business we here for, warm up we get your mind ready, your heart rate will start raising up ensuring the increase of blood flow to out muscles, more blood starts to flow breathing rate goes up so we have increased oxygen demand -at this stage the body is in exact state as Flight and Fight mode.

Noticing some parts of the muscles are a bit painful so you stretch them gentle. Our body getting into a good feel mood to embark on the exercise that you have planed for this day we are alert to start and enjoy out work out routen.


A good warm up before workout reduces the risk of injuries. Because the joints and the muscles are ready for physical activities

5 minutes only

Most friends and family remembers always ask me once I have completely won that we will dedicate time for warm up, how many minute should one dedicate to warm up before workout .

My personal advice is 5 minute is more than enough to get those joints and muscles ready to rumble, no need to stress a lot have some earphones on play some music there you go mind and body we ready to jump into out workout.

Now that we all at the same Page what shall we do then, we go to plan, this is crucial because no plan is still a plan but to fail.

Follow my next Blog where I will be teaching simple ways to warm-up it will be a game changer to your whole gym life

Lots of love



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