Its always exciting to find yourself at the gym even at the comfort of your home(where ever you are even at school) when you finally ready and your mind is set up for exercise. By now, you must be wearing comfortably to shake that body and get all the benefits from exercise. Let’s warm up – but hang on lets look at the different kinds of warm up routens.


  • Ballistic
  • Dynamic
  • Static

All the mentioned above can be done in conjunction and simultaneously if practice safely of course that is why I’m here to offer insight on these topics but this shouldn’t worry you, you probably have done most of these throughout your years.

Don’t over think about warm up its very simple but has great benefits

You know they say PREVENTION is way BETTER than CURING

Be sure not to skip warm-ups



-Ballistic warm-ups, we go to be looking at bouncing and jerking motions, they don’t require too much coordination, should pay attention not to injure yourself .

-Remember back in the olden days at school during PE times touching the toes bending knees hands on your hips and simply jumping, it was fun exciting and I would get your heart rate up there no skill was required right? we simply followed the one demonstrating and we were happy.

-Bouncing, jerking motions helps with flexibility and agility of body muscles -I start with ballistic warm up mostly because it gets me in the exercise mood very easy



    -Dynamic warm-ups are smooth coordinated motions, deliberate motions to stretch the group of muscles such as lunges with torso twist .

    -Should aim at giving the joints full range motion.

    -Dynamic warm-up may at times mimic the actual exercise but must always aim at performing it slowly just so to avoid injuries

    • could be anything from Hip circles
    • arms circle
    • lunges with side stretches


    These are my personal favorites, I don’t skip them even by chance I even do static exercise as cooling down routen that’s how much I enjoy them

    Get into a fixed position find balance you can hold on to anything for support in the beginning

    These set of warm up is effective because it prepares the body for flexibility

    We will be focusing on stretching the muscles joints and holding in a comfortable position for 10-30 sec

    Did you know that holding a plank a simple plank position is considered a static warm up -Yes!!

    Here are 5 examples

    • Torso twists
    • Walking lunges
    • Hamstring
    • Leg Swings
    • Quadriceps stretch


    Your body will thank you for this, you have gentle prepared yourself to embark on exercises, your heart rate has increased, body temperature increased, joints have loosened up muscles have enough blood flow.

    Now you can are sure to safely kill those calories and get the best summer body you been dreaming of.

    1. What an excellent article indeed, I enjoyed it much, all the exercise are for bodybuilding and fitness, you mentioned;Ballistic warm-ups,Dynamic warm-ups, and Static warm-ups, I’ve discovered the right way of doing an activity which I must practice to build my body and muscle. When doing all these exercise the heart rate has increased, body temperature increased, joints have loosened up muscles have enough blood flow. Thank you for sharing.

    2. I did not know that doing a plank is considered as a warm up, that is great! I love planking, I feel that I use all my body muscles when I do planking and I get a flat stomach from it 🙂 I have to switch my routine though, from now on, I will start my exercise with a plank first then dive into my cardio routine. Thanks for such an informative post about warm up.

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