Its amazing how almost everything that is living requires water, Wait how much more for human, water is very essential in our daily living most of all our bodies are made up of at least 55-75% water depending on our age and stages in life.

We are doing ourselves a favor when we pay attention and dehydrate

What’s the Beauty of Sips Of Water on Daily bases

As most of us have learned at school or we have heard that H2O is a chemical formula for water For example, water (H2O) is a compound consisting of two hydrogen atoms bonded to an oxygen atom. … For example H2O is held together by polar covalent bonds- dictionary explains

We all know the best Doctors advice of at least 2liters a day. Depending on how active you are, if you visit gym we expect this number to rise.

In Winter most of us shy away from drinking water, this was me years back but I learn my kidneys hated that and so was my skin, in winter I used to experience dry, flaky and peeling skin.

Also, with less hydration I experienced headache, believe me its true !

In Sumer, we sweat and lose a lot of water through sweating even breathing we still lose a great deal of water, so you can do yourself a favor to increase the water intake it won’t hurt.

Our Health And Fitness Relationship With Water

Water aids in digestion, absorption, circulation, hydration and excretion of toxins out of our bodies.

It has been over emphases also that drinking adequate water can bring about healthcare looking skin, vibrant and radiant, younger looking skin.

Now, when we exercise we lose water through sweating and more when we go for sauna and steam room we should not neglect to replenish that water loss

Part of your planning when going for workout bring your self enough water having enough water in your body helps with joints function, the lining in between the joints cartilages uses water as a protection, it cushions bones not to grind with each other and enable smooth movements

Aha water consumption aids in mobilizing fats’, I get excited when ever I think of water in this way I simple get encouraged to drink, nobody loves fats’ hanging around and getting stored in areas we hate to see them.

Water consumption is needed for body temperature regulation, in between workouts make time for water breaks its vitally important less water to the brain cell may result in lowered level of consciousness you may even collapse at the gym if you don’t take care of water consumption

The liver is the big boss when it comes to metabolizing fat, we go to show some love to this beautiful organ by adding water into our system lets mobilize the fat excretion by drinking adequate water

Before you feel thirsty the body has been thirst for sometime, just make it a good habit to drink water not because the body is telling you to drink but because we know how important water is in our lives

  1. Yes, drinking at least 2 litres of water every day has literally changed my life! My skin, my mood, my hair, literally everything!

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